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I create as a reaction to immediate life context.

In my solo exhibitions that have been exhibited over the years,

my personal story is represented as personal/family/ social questions and thoughts from different lifetimes.

Esti Drori Hayut, Multidisciplinary artist

I am a multidisciplinary artist.

I began my professional path as a photojournalist, then proceeded to work in different fields of art and design. I have designed and created wooden items, jewelry, and built a shoe design brand named “The Shoe Story”.

Simultaneously with design, I created art and presented in exhibitions. Since I stopped designing shoes I am focusing only on art.


In my work I connect the wide variety of fields and materials that I have worked with. I paint with oil paints, industrial paints and a variety of different materials – on canvas, plywood, inside drawers, boxes, on pieces of wood that I have found. I join together ready made with painting, creating assemblages.


I create out of yearning. A yearning for that slippery feeling of fantasy, of a utopian place which has no connection to the reality of actual existence.

My exhibitions accompany and echo events in my life.

1982 - Photographer for a local newspaper in Haifa


1985-1989 - Independent photographer

1989-2014 - Design and creation: Wood work, jewelry design

Teaching art classes for adults and children.

Exhibition curator


2007-2013 – THE SHOE STORY - Shoe designer and owner of the brand.


Painting and participate in exhibitions during all the periods above.


In recent years - Independent artist.

Solo exhibitions


2022 - "Opposite blows the wind" Artist wall ,Artist House Tel Aviv

Curator: Arie Berkovitch


2021 - “Touching” – "Shared Art Salon" gallery, Tel Aviv.

Curator: Dr Nira Tesler


2019 - “Fractures” - “Omer Tirosh” gallery, Jaffa.

Curator: Dr Nira Tesler


2018 - “Wonder Land” - “Artist House ”, Tel Aviv.

Curator: Arie Berkovitch.


2015 - “Deer God” - “Tova Osman” gallery,Tel Aviv

Curator: Tova Osman.


2009 - “The House Under The Trees” – "Artist House" Tel Aviv.

Curator: Arie Berkovitch.


2004 - “Que sera sera” – "Artist House", Tel Aviv.

Curator: Myself.



Group exhibitions


2021 – "Shelter city" - My studio in Kiryat Hamalacha Tel Aviv. - Shared exhibition with Nadia Gorenstein, as part of Tel Aviv’s illustration week.


2021 - “The Eye And The Spirit” - Rishon Lezion House of Artists.

Curator: Gilit Levin Ronen.


2020 -

" New Members"  Rishon Lezion House of Artists.

Curator: Diana Pomerantz.


2020 - “Femmage'" - “Art Salon” Tel Aviv.

Curator: Dr Nira Tesler.


2020 - “Written in Coffee'" - “Art Salon”. Tel Aviv.

Curator: Dr Nira Tesler.


2020 - “Parts Eccelerator" - “ND” Gallery. Ramat Gan

Curator: Eyal Katz.


2019 - “Heartbeat" - Sarah Arman Gallery. Tel Aviv.

Curator: Tova Eldad.


2020 - “Photography- Painting- Fotography .“ND” Gallery. Ramat Gan


Curator: Ronit Rot Hadad.


2019 – "Dreams"- Social Sciences Library. Tel Aviv.

Curator: Eliana Festing.


2019 - “Angels" - Rishon Lezion House of Artists.

Curator: Gilit Levin Ronen.


2019 - “SHEVA” - “Zuzu” Gallery,Emek Hefer

Curator: Rotem Ritov.


2016 - “Blockage" - “Binyamin” Gallery, Tel Aviv.

Curator: Nira Tesler.


2015 - “Hope no Hope” - “Arsof” Gallery, Tel Aviv.

Curator: Batya Winshell.


2013 - “Note book” exhibition - Beit Hair Tel Aviv.

Curator: Guy Moreg.


2006 - Illustrators union group exhibitions, as a guest-

“Harry Potter” - Beit Ariela

“Playing" - Beit Yad Lebanim, Raanana,

“Who's afraid of Mathematics" - Science museum, Jerusalem.


1982 - Grant winners exhibition by Keren Sharet in Helena Rubinshtein Pavilion Museum , Tel Aviv.





1979 - Art history at Tel Aviv university.


1980-1982 - Photography studies at Wizo College, Haifa.


2014 - Phototherapy studies at The Open University.

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