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Omer Tiroche Gallery is proud to present- Fractions, multidisciplinary artist Esti Drori Hayut's solo exhibition.

In this exhibition, curated by Dr. Nira Tessler, the artist presents a series of installations and assemblage pieces from the recent years.

Her creations are drawn from different chapters in her life with the trigger for the current chapter being a serious accident she went through during a hike on Mt. Gilboa where she dislocated her elbow, suffered small fractions in several places and subsequently was rescued by a helicopter.

Her work is primarily frontal, frozen icons of the 'self', that contain multitudes of events, feelings and developed insights regarding her past. Drori Hayut's portraits present inner struggles and patterns of thought: alongside beauty, there is considerable destruction and its taming; attempts to demolish her being are followed by renewed exposure.

The keys of the piano which she got from her grandmother as a child and was taken apart after it was deemed unfit for playing, made their way to her recent pieces as crutches and joints of memories.


Curator: Dr. Nira Tesler

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